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Indonesia, the Heaven on Earth III: Jambi Penyu Island in Jambi. (PHOTO:

TIMESJATENG, JAMBI – Located on the east coast of Sumatra and spans to the Barisan Mountains in the west, Jambi hides dozens of paradises. This province has wonderful tourism destinations that worth to see and will surely make your day.

1. Penyu Island

The Turtle Island is one of 20 small islands in Jambi Province. The island is part of Sadu Sub-district, East Tanjung Jabung Regency, Jambi. In addition to its amazing scenery, the island is popular for the breeding and conservation of turtle. Turtles come to the island to lay their eggs. It is recommended for you to visit the island during dry season because during rainy season, the access to the island is difficult due to high waves. which come to the island.

2. Ngarau Merangin

This hill is a great spot to enjoy the wonderful landscape of the Merangin Regency in the western part of Jambi. Located a few kilometres from Bangko, you can see a wonderful view from this vantage point. Lush green forest, snaking rivers, and blue hills in far horizon make this spot a great place to visit.

3. Gentala Arasy Pedestrian Bridge

This place offers a perfect pedestrian walk especially in nearly evening. You can spend your time while waiting for the sunset. You will also have better shots at night since this place will be filled with the glimpse of lights.

4. Muaro Jambi Temple

Muaro Jambi Temple is a Buddhist temple which was estimated to be built in 12th Century.  It is one of the largest and best-preserved ancient temple complexes in South East Asia. The temple complex of Candi Muaro Jambi is spread out over a large area along the banks of the Batang Hari River. Eight temple complexes have been excavated but many more mounds and sites remain to be explored within the conservation area, much of which is still covered by thick jungle.

5. Lake Gunung Tujuh

Lake Gunung Tujuh or Seven Mountain Lake is a seeming reference to seven peaks comprising the forested rim. The tallest of them rises 2732m above sea level, while the lake surface sits at 2005m. The lake is a popular overnight hiking destination among Park visitors and is sometimes fished by locals. It offers a beautiful vast area with crystal clear fresh water.

6. Batanghari River

Batanghari river is the longest river in Sumatra. It 800 kilometres spans makes this river becomes one iconic place of Jambi. The Minangkabau tribe is the native-born citizen that lives on this river. The river is used by the local community of Batanghari Jambi for fish cultivation, transportation, mining, and other needs such as personal hygiene. (*)

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